SELF Modules and Toolkits to Support 20-21 Planning

SELF is creating modules and toolkits to support schools during the time of COVID-19. We hope these resources support you and your students during in-person and virtual learning in the 20-21 school year. We want to give a special thanks to the Charter School Growth Fund for their support in creating these resources.

Learning Modules

MTSS Overview and Tier 1 Introduction

This module, with an actionable toolkit, provides schools and special educators a universal, tiered approach to meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of diverse learners during the pandemic.

Making Summer PD Engaging

In this module we offer educators proven adult learning strategies that ensure that even at a distance, their teams are learning and supported in preparing to welcome students back in the fall. The module toolkit offers resources and strategies for making the module content actionable.

Re-Entry Toolkits

Engaging Related Service Providers

This toolkit provides steps and guidelines to build collaborative practices that incorporate related service providers into the educational, academic setting. The toolkit provides guiding questions for educators to identify struggles or “roadblocks” they may encounter in the process, as well help to establish effective practices.

Low and High Tech Accessibility Features for ELA and Math

This toolkit provides educators with low and high tech accessibility features for ELA and Math and supports both in-person and distance learning. Though these tools can be used for accommodating students with IEP, 504, or LEP plans, many can also be used for student engagement and accessibility to instruction for all types of learners.

Collaborative Planning

The purpose of the Collaborative Planning toolkit is to support staff in collaborating with colleagues and students to best support online and/or hybrid learning. The toolkit offers various models for school and special education leaders and teachers to work closely together in supporting students with diverse learning needs during an unprecedented school year.

Student-Centered Staffing

In this toolkit we provide a process and resources for schools engaging in student-centered staffing, a flexible approach to staffing that allows schools to be responsive to changing needs and funding realities. We have also included resources for incorporating remote learning into staffing considerations.

IEP Progress Monitoring

This toolkit offers step-by-step guidance and resources for school leaders and special education leaders and teachers on progress monitoring, with special advice on IEP goal monitoring in remote learning environments.