As a country, we are in uncharted territory for continuing the education of all students from a distance. SELF is here to support you, your students, and your school navigate through the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Please see our recommended resources, webinars, and Louisiana specific supports. You can also contact us anytime at

SELF Modules and Toolkits to Support 20-21 Planning

SELF is creating modules and toolkits to support schools during the time of COVID-19. We hope these resources support you and your students during in-person and virtual learning in the 20-21 school year. We want to give a special thanks to the Charter School Growth Fund for their support in creating these resources.

Student-Centered Staffing

In this toolkit we provide a process and resources for schools engaging in student-centered staffing, a flexible approach to staffing that allows schools to be responsive to changing needs and funding realities. We have also included resources for incorporating remote learning into staffing considerations.

Making Summer PD Engaging

In this module we offer educators proven adult learning strategies that ensure that even at a distance, their teams are learning and supported in preparing to welcome students back in the fall. The module toolkit offers resources and strategies for making the module content actionable.

Recommended Resources

During this time, we  want to continue pursuing SELF’s mission to develop highly skilled teachers, leaders, and future leaders in special education by supporting adaptation to distance learning within the 4 pillars of Leadership, Professional Development, Academic and Social Emotional Instruction, and Family Engagement.


Leading through COVID
Managing Through Uncertainty 4 New Realities
COVID-19 Strategic Planning Toolkit for Education & Nonprofit Leaders
Strategies for leaders who are supporting co-teaching team during online learning

Professional Development

Setting-Up Distance Learning: Teaching Special Education Online
Best Practices for Educating Online
SELF’s End of Year Virtual Compliance Checklist – Louisiana Specific
SELF’s End of Year Virtual Compliance Checklist – National Version

Academic and Social-Emotional Instruction


UDL Distance Learning one-pager from inclusive schools
SELF Suggestions for Inclusion, Resource, Self-Contained
Supporting Students with IEPs During eLearning Days
Curated list of special education specific technology tools and apps
List of resources for students with Low Incidence disabilities including COVID-specific social stories


Trauma-Informed Distance Learning
Impact of Trauma on Students with Autism
App for tracking ones’ mood. Helps individuals recognize patterns over time and build an emotional vocabulary

Executive Functioning

Modifying Routines for Students with Autism
Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times
Self-Regulation for Effective Distance Learning

Related Services

Exemplar Support Menus for Families
Conducting Virtual IEP Meetings 
Accommodating Family Needs During Distance Learning
Being Specific to Support Families

SELF Distance Learning Webinars

SELF is creating an ongoing mini webinar series with tips, strategies, and resources to help educators use Distance Learning tools effectively and efficiently. We will be updating this content regularly.

Executive Function Distance Learning

Purpose: To support teachers and families with
developing structures to support students’
executive function skills
Resources: Cognitive Connections Website Interactive Get Ready, Do Done Editable Template

Webinar: Self-Regulation for Effective Distance Learning

Purpose: To support and build students’ self-regulation skills to effectively engage in distance learning.

Resources: Limiting Distractions: White Noise | DIY Sensory Supports: Sensory Bottle, Sensory Bag, Stress Ball

Webinar Accommodating Family Needs During Distance Learning

Purpose: To provide tips and strategies to support families during Distance Learning.

Webinar: Supporting Students with Disabilities on the Google Suite Platform

Purpose: To provide an overview of Google accessibility features in order to provide greater access for students with exceptionalities participating in virtual learning.

Reading Goals and Distance Learning

Purpose: To support students’ reading fluency and comprehension IEP goals in an accessible and engaging manner.

Virtual Accessibility Features for Math

Purpose: To provide math virtual accessibility features to educators in order to support all learners.

Resources: Virtual Math Tools Reference Sheet

Related Services and Distance Learning

Purpose: To support related service providers, teachers, and special education leaders with providing related service activities during distance learning.

Resources: Speech-Language Therapy: Articulation Activities, Articulation Tounge Twisters, Video Overview of Mind Wing Concept’s Story Grammar Marker

Occupational Therapy:  OT Toolbox>, Link to at Home Packet OT Packet from NYC Department of Education

Visual Perception Activities: I Spy Cards Matching Activities

Adapted Physical Education: Adapted PE Youtube Channel

Louisiana Resources

In an effort to keep our local schools informed, we will house information from the Louisiana Department of Education and NOLA Public Schools on our website.

Louisiana Department of Education

NOLA Public Schools