As a country, we are in uncharted territory for continuing the education of all students from a distance. SELF is here to support you, your students, and your school navigate through the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Please see our recommended resources, webinars, and Louisiana specific supports. You can also contact us anytime at

SELF-Created Resources for Supporting Diverse Learners this Fall

Modules and Toolkits to Support 20-21 Planning

SELF is creating modules and toolkits to support schools during the time of COVID-19. We hope these resources support you and your students during in-person and virtual learning in the 20-21 school year. We want to give a special thanks to the Charter School Growth Fund for their support in creating these resources.

Recommended Resources

During this time, we  want to continue pursuing SELF’s mission to develop highly skilled teachers, leaders, and future leaders in special education by supporting adaptation to distance learning within the 4 pillars of Leadership, Professional Development, Academic and Social Emotional Instruction, and Family Engagement.

Distance Learning Webinars

SELF is creating an ongoing mini webinar series with tips, strategies, and resources to help educators use Distance Learning tools effectively and efficiently. We will be updating this content regularly.

Louisiana Resources

In an effort to keep our local schools informed, we will house information from the Louisiana Department of Education and NOLA Public Schools on our website.