Since March of this year, we have dedicated our time to expanding development in response to COVID-19 school closures. We know the gaps that extended school closure can create and we have been working diligently to support schools and districts with their re-entry efforts. Learn more by checking out our consulting services below:

Re-Entry Plan Feedback:

Upon receiving and reviewing your plan, SELF will:

  • Provide you with a report that analyzes your plans areas of strength and growth.
  • Provide you with resources and recommendations to support ongoing plan development
  • Disseminate the report to your team and provide a space to answer any questions.
  • Complete a second round of feedback after you have incorporated recommendations from the initial report.

Customized Professional Development Series:

Professional development series are customized to support existing systems and structures in your schools. Areas we can provide support are below:

  • MTSS in the time of COVID-19
  • Special Education in Distance and Hybrid Learning Environments
  • Supporting Struggling Learners
  • Universal Design for Learning to Support Access

Job Embedded Coaching:

SELF offers the following coaching dynamics:

  • Teacher coaching (general education and special education)
  • Leader coaching (special education leaders, MTSS leaders, principals, assistant principals)
  • Team coaching (leadership teams, grade level reams, co-teacher teams)

Virtual School WalkThroughs:

SELF will conduct an in-depth virtual school walkthrough to examine school programming in special education and MTSS. Schools will receive a report with findings, recommendation, and resources based on the following:

  • 504 and IEP compliance reviews
  • Class observations
  • Coaching observation
  • Student assistance team meeting observation
  • Leader, teacher, student, and parent surveys

These development opportunities can be packaged or offered separately based on your school or district’s needs. If you are interested in meeting with a SELF team member and learning more about the customized support we can provide your school or district, please complete this form.