Transformative improvement of special education programming in schools requires leaders who have mastered core competencies of leadership knowledge, technical skills, and mindsets. The Special Education Leader Fellowship Framework identifies those competencies and creates the fabric of the Fellowship curriculum.

The Special Education Leader Fellowship Framework includes the following pillars:

Developing a vision of excellent programming:

Fellows experience exemplary special education programming in action and develop strategic plans to support their vision for excellence.

Meeting the range of needs:

Fellows learn and research effective practices necessary to address the range of unique student needs. Additionally, they learn the competencies required to provide on-going support and development of general and special education teachers.

Developing teachers, parents, service providers, and students as partners:

Fellows develop collaboration skills to forge alliances with all stakeholders to ensure everyone is working together to meet the student’s needs.

Leading adults:

Fellows develop the adult leadership and management skills necessary to lead a high performing special education team in schools.

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